10mm Transfer Designs

Greek, Roman and Medieval

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10mm Knights
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Three ranges of designs for 10mm figures; Hellenistic, Imperial Roman and Medieval.

Roman Designs UKú1.00 per sheet
Note that the Roman designs include holes for shield bosses
10R1 Legionary
10R2 Auxila
10R3 Roman Cavalry
Available in white, red or yellow.

Hellenistic Designs UKú1.00 per sheet
10G1 Hoplite
10G2 Spartan
10G3 Macedon Star
Available in white, black or red

Medieval Designs UKú1.00 per sheet
10M1 Knights - mythical creatures
10M2 Roses
10M3 Knights - objects
10M4 Maltese cross
10M5 Fleur-de-lys
10M6 Eagles, 3 different designs

Available in white, black or red