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Renaissance Ink produce fine quality bases for wargames figures in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your needs. However Veni Vidi Vici has had difficulty in getting supplies of RI bases and is now discontinuing the range. When the existing stock is sold, that item will be dilisted until there are no more RI bases to sell. The RI base range is being replaced by a range of British produced mdf magnetic bases.

All packs of Renaissance Ink bases are £3.50 + postage if order is under £60.

Thin Bases - These have a thickness of approximately 2mm. The most popular type and used for DBM and WAB type basing. However thats not the only styles available, 25mm rounds for mounting skirmish figures, hexes and larger sized bases for groups and warmachines.

Thick Bases - Thickness is approximately 5mm, this is a popular thickness for 28mm figures. The main advantage is that the base is thick enough to be picked up, so that the figure does not need to be touched. Also about the same thickness as plastic slotta type bases, for consistancy between previously based figures and your new ones.

Thick Wooden Bases - now no longer held in stock at VVV.

Thin Wooden Bases - Thickness is approximately 3.5mm; these are very light whilst still sturdy, and have attractively bevelled edges for a very distinctive look.

MDF - not from RI but made in the UK and priced as RI packs.

Hero on 54mm thin magnetic base  

Figures based for WAB on tray faced with green steel paper sheet

Figures holding on a movement tray faced with green steel paper

Comparison of different base thicknesses    


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