Blank Transfer (Decal) Paper

Print your own transfer designs

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If you feel the need for your own transfers, now is the chance to print your own.

Veni Vidi Vici now supply a blank sheet (A4 size) which allows you to print your own designs. This is a special paper which will allow the transfers to float off in water like our normal designs. It has a layer of varnish so that the designs you print will hold together once the transfer has left the paper. Only available direct from Veni Vidi Vici. Price £4 a sheet.

Different styles of blank paper are now available:

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INKJETBLANK - is suitable for use with inkjet printers (the standard computer ones).

INKJETWHITE - is like the sheet above but has a white background, rather than clear.

LASERBLANK - is a clear (transparent background) but works with laser printers.

LASERWHITE - like LASERBLANK but with a white background.

RUBOFFBLANK - a clear paper for inkjets or lasers. A paper for rub-off transfers, not our normal waterslide type.

Now the problems:

There is a printer called Alps, which is ideal for this sort of printing, but its difficult to
get hold of one. There is an Alps support group on the internet, for more information.

Most printers do not print white (but Alps will, see above) so any white in your design will not be printed, using a white background sheet may help with this.

You can only print on a sheet once, so plan a whole A4 sheet of transfers to get the most efficient use of your blank sheets.

Because the varnish is printed over the whole sheet, you will need to cut the transfers individually from the sheet, it is recommended you do this before placing the transfers in water.

If you have any queries please email us.