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25mm Fantasy


25mm Heros

The start to an expanding range of fantasy transfers. FF1 is also useful for historical figures but is included here because of the extra colours available. Each sheet does 24 figures. Now with 2 more sheets (FF3 & FF4) for the forces of evil!
Price UK£1.80 per sheet
  For individual figures and sci-fi.
Price UK£1.00 per sheet
FF1 Star, Boars head, Octopus, Gorgon, Bulls head, Lion   HE1 Warrior Designs. Mix of 8 different designs (8)
FF2 Cobra, Spider & web, Wolf, Clawed hand, Octopus, Gorgon   HE2 Warrior Designs 2. Mix of 8 different designs (8)
FF3 Evil Eye (36) 2 different sizes   HE3 Dwarf. Round, with axes/hammers etc. (8)
FF4 Grinning Moon (36) 2 different sizes   HE4 Elf designs. (8)
Available in white, black, red, blue or yellow.
Above are 2 colour prints. Available in yellow/white, yellow/red, yellow/green, navy/white, navy/red or navy/green.
for other options see    
Medievals page   HE5 Squad markings and sergeants stripes. (35)
Extras page   HE6 Striking Eagle (30)
    HE7 Mailed Fist (30)
    HE8 Wolves (30)
    HE9 Skulls (30)
Available in white, black, red or yellow.