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Greek designs (alongside)

Covers the early Greeks to the armies of Alexander's successors, also Carthaginians and early Italian states. Most designs are circular but we also have two different sizes of pelta (crescent) shield. All sheets do 24 figures.
Price UKú1.00 per sheet
G1 Bird
G2 Bull's Head
G3 Club
G4 Cup
G5 Dolphin
G6 Macedonian Star
G7 Horses - 3 different designs
G8 Palm Tree
G9 Trident
G10 Winged Foot
G11 Spartan
G12 Seleucid design
G13 Star & Surround
G14 Mixed Star/Tri/Snake/Boar
G15 Mixed Gorgon/A/Bull/Lion
G16 Pelta 6 diff designs
G17 Small Pelta 6 designs
G18 Mix of 12 differnt designs (animals, face, eye)
G19 Mix of 4 differnt designs (star, eye, bulls head, cup)
G20 Tanit - Carthaginian designs 2 different
G21 Elephant and palm tree designs - Carthaginian
Available in white, black, red, light blue, green, yellow or purple
Price UKú1.80 per sheet
GG1 Macedonian Star
GG2 Horses - 3 different designs
GG3 Mix of 4 different designs (star, eye, bulls head, cup)
GG4 Star Surround
GG5 Spartan
GG6 Star & Surround
GG7 Seleucid Design
GG8 Mix of 8 diff designs
GG9 Pelta (crescent) designs
GG10Tanit - Carthaginian designs 2 different
GG11Elephant and palm tree designs - Carthaginian
Available in white, black or red