15mm & 25mm Transfers for Wargames

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25mm Foundry Praetorians using RR9 design

For armies of the 1st/2nd centuries AD. Two types of transfer available; rectangular for legionaries and oval for auxilia & cavalry. The legionary transfers (not RR7) are in two halves to allow for different shield bosses and possibly a spine down the front of the shield. Each sheet normally does 20 figures.
Price UKú1.00 per sheet
R01 Legionary Thunderbolt
R02 Auxiliary Laurel (16)
R03 Auxiliary Wreaths (16)
R04 Legionary Thunderbolt
R05 Legionary Laurel
R06 Auxiliary Eagle
R07 Auxiliary Star
R08 Auxiliary Crescent
R09 Auxiliary Laurel version 2
R10 Marine with hole for boss
R11 Marine without hole
R12 Praetorian Infantry Stars and Crescents
R13 Praetorian Infantry Scorpions and Scrolls
R14 Guard Cavalry (2 different designs)
Available in white, yellow or red.
Price UKú1.80 per sheet
RP01 for plastic legionaries. Wings and thunderbolts
RP02 for plastic legionaries. Wings, thunderbolts and corner marks
RR01 Legionary Thunderbolt
RR02 Legionary Laurel
RR03 Legionary Laurel ver 2
RR04 Auxiliary Eagle
RR05 Auxiliary Star
RR06 Auxiliary Crescent
RR07 Legionary Thunderbolt 2 (Foundry Figures)
RR08 Auxiliary Laurel Large Oval shield (Foundry)
RR09 Praetorian Infantry Stars and Crescents
RR10 Praetorian Infantry Scorpions and Scrolls
RR11 Guard cavalry (2 different designs)
RR12 Caesarian Roman
RR13 Legionary Standard Bearers (5 different)
The above are available in white, yellow or red.
Note: RR3 should only be used on shields that have a spine.