Sculpting Putty

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Highly recommended for sculpting of master miniatures & custom jewelry. Epoxy putty formulated to achieve consistent, stunning professional results every time. Holds sharp detail throughout cure, neutral color allows for good detail contrast. Files and grinds smooth and has excellent self adhesion.
To use:
1. Cut desired amount of each part.
2. Mix tow parts together with fingers until a uniform gray color is achieved.
3. Apply to surface and sculpt. See chart for projected working time.
  • Features & Benefits:
  • Mixed color: Gray
  • No shrinkage
  • Very easy to smooth
  • Easy tooling and less sticky
  • Hold extremely fine detail
  • Customizable formula

Manipulating Cure Time:
Place the mixed ProCreate in the freezer to stop hardening. Place the mixed ProCreate under a warm lamp (95oFF max) to speed the hardening process.

  Additional Curing Information:
Thin sections will sure more slowly
Thicker sections will cure faster
Heat will cure the epoxy faster
Cold will cause the epoxy to cure more slowly
% Resin
% Hardener
24 Hour Shore D Hardness
(+/- 2)
Work life, minutes
Softer and more flexible, good for organic shapes. Color: dark grey.
Harder and more rigid. Color: medium gray
Very hard and rigid. Good for machines and hard edges. Color: light gray.
Note: All figures are approximate since cure can change depending on the ambient temperature and amount of putty mixed.
Package contains 2 individually wrapped bars; 35g Resin and 35g Hardener. Price £6.50 a pack
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