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* Acrylic paint by Renaissance Ink *

Renaissance Ink acrylic paints are of smooth consistency, offer exceptional permanency and lightfastness and contain no fillers, extenders, opacifiers or dyes added (dyes are responsible for the colour 'bleed' seen in some cheap acrylic paints). The paints are professional quality, and being acrylic, they have no flammable, headache-making fumes and are easily thinned and cleaned up with plain old water. They are also non-toxic (conforming to ASTM D 4326). They are easily mixed to create just the shade you want. Jay Wirth of Renaissance Ink writes: "I have been painting figures for 21 years - professionally for 12. I always had a table full of paints from different manufacturers. I wanted all the colors that I like from one company. The paints are made to my specs."

NOTE: These are thicker paints than most other acrylics (e.g. Coat d'arms or Citadel) and work best thinned with a drop or two of water. This may take a little getting used to, but allows these paints to give excellent coverage. For added colour depth, try using a drop or two of coloured pigment ink to mix the paint.

See range of paints below (clicking on the paint reference will bring up a sample of the colour)
All pots £1.75, 1 fluid oz/ 29.6ml in size


0010 White 0027 Flesh
0011 Black 0028 Silver
0012 Dark Grey 0029 Copper
0013 Medium Grey 0030 Gold
0014 Light Grey 0031 Sunshine Yellow
0015 Dark Brown 0032 Moon Yellow
0016 Medium Brown 0033 Russian Green
0017 Leather Tan 0034 Powder Blue
0018 Bone Yellow 0035 Mud Brown
0019 Slime Green 0036 Flame Red
0020 Trooper Green 0037 Brass
0021 Field Green  
0022 Sky Blue  
0023 Vein Blue  
0024 Blood Red  
0025 Pumpkin Orange  
0026 Chaos Purple  
RI Paint Colour Chart
Click on this image for a larger version of the RI colour chart

Acrylic Inks

Renaissance Ink have expanded their range to include pigment-ink washes. These inks have been designed especially for miniatures, and can be used diluted or undiluted, or mixed with other acrylic paint, ink or Flocking Gel (tm). Ideal for thinning paint and base-coating, as well as staining and applying washes to your figures. The jars are soft plastic (so squeezable), and the nozzle is a tight-sealing screw-top to provide good control over the ink flow and minimise waste.

Price £2.85, 1 fluid oz/ 29.6ml in size

IW001 White - Use to thin white paint while maintaining coverage, or lighten other colours (for highlighting). IW005 Green
IW002 Black IW006 Blue
IW003 Brown IW007 Matte Medium - add to paint to produce matt finish
IW004 Purple IW008 Extender - add to paint to reduce drying time and allow paints to be blended.

Flocking Gel ( Basing Material )

Flocking Gel is a new product for creating textured bases - just open the pot, and, carefully using a craft knife or similar tool, spread it on the bases of your figures for a more realistic effect. The great thing about this product is that there are four seperate grades or 'thicknesses' of flocking gel - by mixing the finer and coarser grains, you can develop textures from watery to rugged and rocky.
£4.75 for 4 fl oz (110 ml) pot.


Extra Fine

For water or oil effect

Extra Fine Flocking gel on base  

0008-F Fine

Bare earth or mud

Fine Flocking gel on base

0007-M Medium

Close grass effect

Medium Flocking gel on base   0006-C

Stones or small boulders
Coarse flocking gel on base
Renaissance Ink Magnetic Bases