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Best Allies are wargame rules for 18th century army level land battles. Each unit is a battalion of infantry, a regiment of cavalry, a battery of guns or a unit of skirmishers. The rules are independant of figure size but rather let the player choose what size and measurement system they want to use. We would recommend figures between 28mm to 15mm in size.
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Best Allies 18th land warfare


The rulers feature:

Alternate brigade activation with varying player iniative each turn. Ratings of commanders as; Poor, Average and Excellent allow those commanders to issue more orders to the units their command.

Units are 3 bases in size allowing them to be repositioned to show line and column formations. Entire bases are removed to represent casualties, with no partial hits left over. Units are grouped into brigades and moved as singe brigades.

Different rules for; formed infantry, Loose order infantry (light), formed cavalry, light cavalry, dragoons, artillery (battlion/galloper guns, field artillery and howitzers) and skirmishers.

Army lists for; Great Northern war, American Indian wars, war of Spanish Succession, Jacobite risings, Seven years war, American war of Independence and the French Revolutionary war.

Special rules for; units still using pikes, shock units and platoon fire


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