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This is a site for all those variations of the Warhammer game systems. As well as the traditional WH40K and WHFB (published by GW, all trade marks acknowledged). There are also variants for other game systems.


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  Last update: April 2017
40K   Highly popular sci-fi combat system produced by Games Workshop. Set in the year 40,000 it is a dark universe of conflict between many different races.   Games Workshop
Fantasy Battle   A fantasy combat system set in an imaginary realm and again produced by Games Workshop. As well as the usual list of fantasy races (Dwarves, Elves, Orcs etc.) there are some races specific to the game   Games Workshop
Ancient Battles   A variant of the fantasy battle system (in fact the previous version), this game was done as a private project by a number of GW staff and is now run by Warhammer Historical Wargames. Covers the pre-gunpowder era ofd history from Biblical times to early Medieval period  
Panzer Battles   A privately developed variant of 40K. Covers World War II.    
Napoleonics   My own modifications to allow players to play Napoleonic games using the WH Fantasy Battle system. On this site   Rules
Colonial Wars   Imperialists vs the natives, a modfication of 40K by Jervis Johnson.  
American Civil War   A modification of WH40K for the American Civil War. About 10 pages long and available for download, includes army lists.  
English Civil War   A published variant of the fantasy battle system. Designed and developed by John Stallard. Includes lists for Parliamentarian, Royalist and Scots armies.  
American War of Independence   A modification of the Warhammer Ancient Battles set by Michael Leck, for the American War of Independence. About 10 pages long, available for download and includes army lists.  
Tanzanica   Skirmish warfare in Darkest Africa. Based on the Mordheim rules. Modifications by Brett Abbott   Tanzanica

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