World War II

28mm Transfers for Wargames

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Range of WW2 designs. All the nations, all the scales, all the WW2 will be placed here.

28mm WW2 designs

Price UK£1.00 a sheet
WW01 28mm outline numbers
Available in black or white

WW02 28mm solid numbers
Available in white, red, yellow or black
WW03 28mm solid numbers with outline
Available in red/white or black/white

WW04 28mm German Crosses
Available only in black and white
WW05 28mm German Crosses
Available only in white
These are the current range of World War 2 1/300th transfers sold by Heroics and Ros, printed by Veni Vidi Vici.

Sheets are shown approximately twice actual size because of the small size of
the designs. Some scans, such as white-only designs do not show up well on light blue paper but we have done the best possible.

Available from Heroics and Ros .
T1 Small German Crosses
T2 Mixed German Crosses
T5 US White Stars
T6 Russian/Japanese
T7 Italian
T8 French