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This page explains the how and why of magnetic basing for wargamers. The idea is to use magnets to aid the use of figures on the table, transport them to the games and store them safely and efficiently.

Using magnetically-based figures allows you to field large units on the tabletop as one item. Figures can be easily mounted on magnetic movement trays to create a single unit. This removes the time spent moving figures one-by-one across the table. Individual miniatures can also be easily removed during gameplay. Even if the trays are knocked or tipped, you have a good chance of your figures staying attached and undamaged.

The tray tilts but the figures stay on
How to base figures with magnets

The easiest way is to stick the figures onto magnetic bases to start with but assuming that you are starting from scratch, you can buy self adhesive magnetic sheet (available from Magnetic Displays in the UK) which sticks directly to the bottom of your old bases. The sheet is not very thick, about 0.5 mm and in many ways improves the appearance of the base (if you are in the habit of looking at the bottom of your bases). See picture on the right

I prefer to buy complete sheets of magnetic material, cut into strips of the right width (to fit the base), attach, trim and you are then ready to paint your base as normal. For some reason the adhesive on the 'page' type magnetic sheets, is better than that sold in roll form. So although it might seem faster to buy rolls, than cut to size, it is actually better to take more time and get a better result, with a sheet type magnet..

GW plastic dreadnought with magnetic sheet attached to base
If you are starting from scratch, there are plenty of different sizes and shapes of magnetic bases available. Veni Vidi Vici can provide magnetic bases in all of the common sizes. Square, rectangular, round and hexagonal bases are available in a variety of sizes. These are available from our webshop.
25mm Round base 25mm Square base 25mm Hexagon base, if direction the figure is facing is important
Transporting your Miniature Collection

There are 3 main methods of storing figures. The first is the 'Shoebox' method. Figures are piled on top of each other in a box. Ths is very cheap, but usually results in a lot of damage to your figures.

Secondly, there is the ' toolbox' method. Your figures will be well protected and easy to transport, but toolboxes tend to be made of solid metal, so they are very heavy. Most toolboxes are very big too - are you really going to use all that space?

Foam-padded boxes are a serious method of storing figures. Your collection will be well protected and easy to transport, but it will be time-consuming to get your miniatures in and out of the box, and to sort them before a game. Over long periods of time, constant rubbing can also damage the padding, making it less effective.

We use box files, as they provide a good all-round solution. We take sheets of steel paper (available from Magnetic Displays in the UK) and attach them to the inside of a box file. Magnetically based miniatures can just be stood inside and left until your next game. The boxes stand the usual amount of normal moving around and car journeys, with the figures staying in place. These box files are inexpensive to buy, easy to adapt, and stack easily. Just lift off the shelf, take to the game and return. As a further bonus, organasing your figures becomes much easier and quicker. All-in-all, this is the probably the best way to house and transport your miniature collection.

The magnets hold the figures in position Boxfiles can provide a useful storage and transport systems for your figures.
Storing your Miniature Collection

If you are an avid gamer, then you may need some heavy duty storage. At Veni Vidi Vici, we attach sticky labels to our boxfiles to identify the different armies. These can then be stacked in a storage cabinet (see picture above!), This way, the miniatures are organised and ready for easy access..

As usual, if you have any queries whatsoever, then please get in contact us by email. We'll be glad to help.

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