Tips on How to Apply Transfers


To apply transfers, separate the ones you want to use from the rest of the sheet.

Soak them in a shallow dish of water for about a minute.

They should then slide easily off the backing paper onto the model - you can use a finger or modelling knife to do this.

Move transfer to the position required, smooth it out and soak up excess water with a tissue.

Leave to dry (overnight is best) and then varnish over the top of the transfer to protect it.

Don't worry if you crease or otherwise wreck the first transfers you apply; practice makes perfect.

Avoid the transfers floating off in the water - they are hard to catch! If this happens reduce time in water.

If you have difficulty sliding the transfers into position, wet the surface of the model a bit. Transfers are also easier to apply to figures which are already varnished.

Once a transfer is dry on the model, but before the final varnish, you can paint over it to create your own designs.

There is a problem called 'silvering', this when the carrier film of the transfer appears to be a silvery background. The reason for this is a layer of air being trapped between the transfer and the surface it is on. Putting the transfer onto a model which has already been varnished will reduce the chances of this happening greatly - paint is rough in microscopic terms and a varnished surface is a lot smoother. On a well applied transfer the carrier film should be almost invisible.

Veni Vidi Vici transfers are produced as a practical aid to painting your armies. Using transfers allows you to put the finishing touch to your figures very quickly.

Our water slide transfers are designed to fit the shields they are to be used on and come already shaped, including holes for shield bosses etc, so do not require cutting out.

Each pattern takes about 6-8 hours of an artist's time and is then reduced and printed to produce a result that few painters can match. We use Essex and Chariot figures as masters for our transfers. If in doubt as to suitability, ask for some samples (SAE required) or email us.

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