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6th July - Action All Fronts almost complete
Action All Fronts cover  

Action All Fronts WW2 rules for land combat are almost ready to be printed.

The rules feature:

Limited visibility, which limits the enemy player to shoot only at what has been spotted rather than being able to target anything on the table.
Alternate unit activation instead of one army then the other army. Overwatch fire is included.
Heroes to allow for those soldiers whose actions go beyond those expected from the majority. Including some details of those real-life soldiers whose exploits won them their country's highest military awards.


1st November - New range of 10mm Imperial Romans – Van Dyck
Van Dyck Miniatures are offering a superior range of 10mm figures and the Veni Vidi Vici transfers to go with them. Hopefully the pictures below will show you the quality of the range. Initially there was only legionaries and auxlia but now some artillery and some stunning carts have been added.
Van Dyck 10mm Imperial Romans   Van Dyck 10mm Imperial Romans
Painted auxlia with VVV transfers   Painted legionaries with VVV transfers.
Van Dyck 10mm Imperial Romans   Van Dyck 10mm Imperial Romans
Van Dyck 10mm Imperial Romans   Van Dyck 10mm Imperial Romans
Some light artillery   And one of a range of three Roman carts.
Van Dyck 10mm Imperial Roman legionaries scale    
As you can see from the scale above, around 11mm from feet to eye level.    


29th May - whats up with the shop

Well it looks at long last as if time has caught up with the VVV online shop. It was moved to a new server and that disabled the ability to remember what you bought when moving between categories.

As a short term fix the shop was moved to the site (running still on the old server) until we could think of a solution. But just before the bank holiday, that site was also upgraded to the new server, agh! So now there is a new version of the shop with everything in one category, very messy I am afraid.

So it is time to find a new shop design, set it up with the VVV products and then we will be properly back in business.


16th April Minimum postage charge increases

Unfortunately the Post Office has raised postage charges, so it is time to increase the minimum postage charge to £2.50. Orders over £60 remain post free.


December New version of the Die Is Cast rules for ancient wargames

TDIC front cover  

The latest release of the Die is Cast produces a stunning new set that takes the advantages of the previous sets with a new combat system based on D12's, that allows the rules to be used with any scale of figures or basing system.

It keeps the emphasis on morale, with troops testing to see how they respond to the circumstances of the battle and then reacting.

The new combat system either means that a D12 is rolled to kill enemy models per pair of figures fighting or shooting. Or if the figures are based as groups (elements) each group is given a number of dice to attack with and can take a number of hits. It was unintended but it means that you can play games with different figure scales but still use the same basic rules set.

Army scenarios and army lists are available as well as a quick reference sheet on the rules page here.





26th July New Viking Saxon transfers to go with Wargames Factory plastic figures

Viking Saxon transfers for Wargames Factory plastic miniatures

And I will be sending a batch to Wargames Factory, so that you will also be able to buy direct from them.

Points to note; 35 decals on a sheet and they come with a hole for the shield boss and printed so that they already fit the shield. No cutting out required.

I have put some onto a shield sprue so you can see the fit.

Wargames Factory transfers for Vikings Saxons

In the shop under 25mm Dark Ages, sheet DD11.


6th May - Transfers are not just for toy soldiers

A customer bought some transfers off me to decorate some arrows they were making. They are made by a member of the Craft Guild of Traditional Bowyers and Fletchers. Its a great job as you can see here

Veni Vidi Vici transfers on arrow

the designs themselves come from the 10mm sheet 10M5. The customer who gets these arrows is going to have something very special.



12th March Magnetic basing

A new type of magnetic basing is now available, MDF. Slightly thicker than the most popular RI thin base, these are hard smooth bases, produced in the UK so are more readily available than the US imports. Starting with the most popular sizes, if there is a size that you would like to see available, please email and let us know.

Veni Vidi Vici MDF magnetic basing

The pack price of most magnetic bases is going up to £3.50 a pack but the range of RI thick wooden bases is being discontinued and is being sold for £2 a pack whilst stocks last.

Also whilst photographing the new MDF bases, some of the missing RI photos have been added and hopefully all will be up soon.