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Ancient Wargames Rules
Designed to cover the rise and fall of the Roman empire. These rules are especially suited to refights of historical battles. No, you don't have to rebase your figures. Yes, they play as fast as DBM. No, you won't have to buy new army list books, in fact you can use the armies you use for other rules. Included are morale rules so that bad troops run away, good troops hang around a bit longer. General figures don't fight but have command and combat ratings to inspire the troops that do. The rules are designed to encourage historical tactics.

The Die is Cast features;

Simultaneous play with both players moving, shooting and fighting at the same time.

Rules can be used with any scale of figures or basing system.

Combat system uses D12's, with one roll needed to work out the casualties. No; to hit, to wound, to save needed.

Commanders of different levels of ability.

Three different styles of melee; infantry vs infantry, cavalry vs cavalry, cavalry vs infantry.

Try before you buy, the complete rules are available as a pdf on the right.

Handy A5 sized rule book.

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A free A4 sized copy of the new Die is Cast rules is available for download here.

And the quick reference sheet here.

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Some historical scenarios:
Click to download this battle PDF
Click to download this battle PDF
Click to download this battle PDF
Click to download this battle PDF
Click to download this battle PDF

Some battle reports of historical battles played with Die is Cast rules on the 3V blog:

Qadesh 1274 BC

Magnesia 190BC

Chalons 451AD

Army lists for the Die Is Cast:
Roman Armies
Enemies of Rome
Other armies

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