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Action All Fronts are wargame rules for company level World War 2 land battles. Each model represents an individual soldier or vehicle. The rules are independant of figure size but rather let the player choose what size and measurement system they want to use. We would recommend figures between 28mm to 15mm in size. Each player should be able to command forces of 100 figures and 10 AFV after familarity with the rules. Price £12 including postage.
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Action All Fronts cover all theatres of WW2; from the battlefields of Europe, the deserts of Africa, snowy steppes of Russia and the islands of the Pacific.

The rulers feature:

Alternate unit activation with varying player iniative each turn. Overwatch fire during the enemy activation is standard.

Units require to be spotted before they can be attacked. Requiring units to be spotted allows an advantage for units in defensive positions and to limit the 'gods eye' view that players have of the battlefield.

Armoured vehicles can only be attacked by; anti-tank weapons, high-explosive attacks or close assault. So armour offers a level of immunity from attack. As the technology of armoured vehicles progresses through the war, earlier vehicles get cheaper in points making them still relevant in battle.

Orders system allowing players to alter units available actions during the game to take advantage of the tactical situation.

Heroes. That may sound like fantasy but in real-life there are soldiers in all arms of service whose actions have made a significant difference to the battles in which they fought. Often they are awarded medals for their feats and it is realistic to allow for their actions, above and beyond the call of duty.

Army lists for; British and Commonwealth forces, French (1940), Germans, Italians, Japanese, Russians and USA. The standard force structure limits what can be chosen, without having created a realistic force for the army. So that armies are more balanced, without the ability to choose only the best troops.

Rules for; fortifications, weather, morale, preliminary bombardments and off-table artillery.

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